Birthday Cake Program

 Birthday Cake Program


1200 Ellis Street, Bellingham WA 98225

The Birthday Cake Program is intended to bring a little extra something to a child’s birthday party.  We work to bring this little “extra” for children who could use an “extra” in his or her life.

How it Works

We will coordinate with the family member to make a surprise showing up dressed in costume theme of the birthday child’s choice, and bring a professional style cake or cupcakes along with a small gift.  We will only stay long enough to bring smiles to then let your party continue.  

Our recipients are kept confidential.  If you know of a child that could use a delivery from us, please email us at with the following information:

-Contact info to organize the delivery and relationship to child

-Birthday Child’s Name/ Date of Birth/ Gender

-Date/Time/Location of Delivery

-Flavor of cupcakes & frosting

-Theme of Party

-Why this child should be a recipient and/or other circumstances that we may need to take into consideration


We have done many deliveries!  Below is just a sample of some we have done.

Frozen Birthday Party

12002836_1688292961389660_158965090911230263_n 12027569_1688292991389657_4772393633946436933_n 12038317_1688292978056325_6711344573976278206_n

September 2015

This month we were able to help sweet 7 year old twin girls celebrate their birthday!  They had a Frozen themed birthday.  We brought them each a Frozen bundle of balloons and Frozen inspired play dough party favors for them and their guests.  We loved getting to help these girls celebrate!

Superhero Birthday Party

10830583_10152861884662889_7426208790915539652_o 10830583_10152861884657889_7668792825042139281_o

November 2014

We got one more birthday request this month for a sweet boy turning 5 years old who loves superheros!  When we arrived @ the party we sent our “bad guy” into the party 1st yelling, “Hide me their after me!”  Shortly after, Batman, Robin and Captain America came in to apprehend the bad guy and deliver the birthday boy a cake, balloons and small gift.  I think he was so surprised & we loved being a part of his day.

Minecraft Birthday Party

10689541_1563636000522024_2085156477221642295_n 10647069_1563635987188692_3879030397853014880_n

November 2014

This month we found out our boy, who is turning 8, loves Minecraft!  We dressed as Creepers, an Enderman, and Steve. We walked into the party Minecraft style and brought the birthday boy a beautiful cake, balloons and a new diamond pick axe.  He told us, “This was on my wishlist!” & “This is the best cake I ever saw in my whole life!”  Before leaving the family took pictures with us & the birthday boy.  What a sweet boy!

Avengers Birthday Party


August 2014

It was all about the Avengers this month!  So we brought in Iron Man, Captain America, and the Incredible Hulk to make this party special!  Our entrance to the party included the superheroes running through a “brick wall” and having a “battle!”  Then we greeted the birthday boy and sang “Happy Birthday.”  And before we left, the superheroes took photos with the children.  So fun!

 Cowgirl Birthday Party

10462778_1516041375281487_2602003175421729257_n       10393804_1516041385281486_45070035085522357_n      10478126_1516041418614816_1382879623414430165_n

July 2014

Our birthday girl turned 8 this month and loves horses!  So we came dressed in cowboy and cowgirl attire.. and even a horse!  We brought her a bedazzled cowgirl hat for her gift and a local mom made a gluten-free impressive horse shaped cake for our girl and her friends and family.  She was delighted to see us there!

 Poseidon Party

photo 3      10457789_1506096366275988_7202083686635733342_n                    10349142_1506096346275990_7167787188225072952_n    10440234_1506096416275983_4814635512546027910_n                     photo 3

May 2014
photo 3

Our birthday boy this month turned 11 and loved Greek Mythology, so we brought Poseidon and the “sea” to the party!  As we entered we had a couple of our members use a bubble machine to blow bubbles and give effect of being under the sea.  He was quite surprised to see us arrive and couldn’t believe his cake!!

photo 1photo 3

Hungry Caterpillar Birthday  

Hungry Caterpillar

IMG_3193 copy

August 2013

For this party we found out our little boy, who was turning 2, wanted a very hungry caterpillar party!  The family was having the party at a park on a beautiful summer day so we decided to dress up as butterflies and caterpillars and deliver the cake with some flutter and flare!  The cake was made with the dietary restrictions that the Mom requested & it looked amazing!  We had so much fun bringing some extra fun and sparkle to the birthday boy!

Pink Pony Birthday

scan0001January 2012


The four of us dressed up like fancy pink cowgirls & decorated a huge box pink and sparkly.  When we arrived, the grown-ups came in with the box, then hollered for our 2 cowgirls to come riding in on their “ponies.”

Once everyone was gathered around we opened the top of the box and a whole bundle of balloons flew out.  Next, we invited the birthday girl to open the front of the box and she found beautiful pony cupcakes and a box full of little ponies just for her.

We had so much fun being a part of her special day.

Ninja Birthday

DSC02953November 2011


This month it turned out our boy loves ninjas.  When we arrived, we entered the room 1 by 1 in a stealth ninja manner.  The 3 adults made a circle which became the “arena” for a ninja fight demonstration.

When they were done we presented the birthday boy with balloons, cupcakes and presented the child with a ninja sword (on bended knee).

The smile on the boy’s face was priceless.