Do-Good Gang

Leave a Little Sparkle Wherever you Go!!

The Do-Good Gang are a multi-aged, gang of do-gooders who’s mission is to spread good cheer, a sense of community and playfulness in our community.   The types of organized random acts of kindness we’ve done have been as simple as helping people with their shopping carts at a local store or offering a free rose, or writing letters to random people saying something nice.   Some of our work is undercover, such as leaving “surprises” at people’s doorstep and running off.  We are always looking for new members, ideas, and unsuspecting groups or individuals for us to surprise!

How we Work

Our group works as an “on call” gang.  If someone comes up with a mission, we meet to make it happen.  Or if we hear of a family, group, or individual that could use a smile or need our help we work to see what we can do.

If you would like to join our group or know of anyone who could use a friendly hand or a cheerful surprise, contact us for more information.

 Some of Our Missions

October 2014

We helped Marine Exchange & Gallery celebrate their retirement!

10710844_1559317260953898_2772854614762726169_n 10351588_1559317207620570_5018414202742169716_n

We heard a sweet little boy who’s going through a hard time loves ninjas.  Our ninjas surprised him and his friends and presented him with a ninja sword.

 ninja party


September 2014 

This month we had an amazing donation of beautiful flowers from Blue Belle Gardens!  The Do-Good Gang made bouquets and sweet notes for people in our community that needed a smile.  It was such a heart warming fun mission!

 note delivery delivery 2


August 2014 Mission

We took our Do-Good Gang to a locally run farm to help the owner with an assortment of chores to take some of the burden off of her.  Our gang worked hard in the sun and learned some cool tricks harvesting plums.  The owner was very appreciative and we left feeling accomplished!

PLLAY Farm10537110_1525654000986891_5210499710173056168_nphoto 1


April  2014 Mission

We took our mission to the Grocery Outlet!  A couple of our Do-Good Gang members forgave their birthday presents this year and instead asked for gift cards to places around town in values of $10 or $15.  We took all 35 gift cards and went to the Grocery Outlet and our gang passed them out to random shoppers!  It was a great time, and everyone seemed surprised and appreciative.





December 2013 Mission

In December, we took the Gang to the Agape House with craft supplies for the kids to make presents for their moms.  It was so much fun!!  Wonderful to see our Do-Good Gang members connect with the kids there.  The big surprise was, we took a bunch of gifts donated from a local mom’s jewish community.  Below you will see all of the goodies we took to the Agape House for the mom’s who live their to go shopping for their children!  While the kids were busy making gifts, we had each mom come and pick out something for their kids and wrap it.  Everyone had such a good time.



November 2013 Mission

Our Do-Good Gang got together to help the Mission with their Thanksgiving Meal for people in need.  We had a member put on a juggling show and we brought a funky and fun loving turkey to make people smile.  And of course the Do-Good gang helped with taking out the garbage and clean up the whole place afterwards.  It was rewarding for our Do-Good Gang and we made people happy.

Leo Turkey


Summer 2013 Mission

Last year, the Do-Good Gang worked on a few month project where they put together treasure boxes for children entering the Agape House for the first time.  These boxes will serve as keepsakes for the kids and give them some fun little toys/crafts to make them smile.  The Gang spent time brainstorming what should go in the kits and then went shopping for the items.  This month they go together and brought back the decorated boxes to put the kits together.  It was such a fun project to involve the Gang from start to finish!


A finished box!

A finished box!